Sunday, January 9, 2011


Its been a long time after sunset
The darkness has promised me loads of magic,
I ponder over the gaps in between my fingers while I wait for the footsteps to be heard.
My luggage is not yet packed but there is this vision of a 'new'.
I try to think of a destination,
I shiver in the cold
I look away from the window, the darkness now scares me
The rhythm of my heart beat.....
Now I hear two hearts beating
I strain my ears for the sound of footsteps
I feel your hot breath
I hear people calling outside
Your breath is so warm
They bang on the door...
Let's take the other door...

We can make it happen.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hoping to burn again

In the swirls and turns of Sufis and Bauls

In the music of Fakirs and Ektara

Sometimes when I keep lying on my bed awake till late in the night

Sometimes when I forget to take the next bus and keep walking for long

And when I stand alone in my terrace and get drenched in a sudden shower

And when I sit in a crowded night lounge getting blinder by the disco lights

I see you, I see him.....

Much familiar, much stranger

I do not see your face but I often rest my head on his chest

I know he is real, I know you are my imagination

I have walked with you for miles but have hardly spoken to him

Your mystery haunts me at night, his smile makes me happy

I see your strong arms and I wish he holds me forever

There is a train waiting, I listen to the whistle

Where is this train going?

Is the train moving?

Which station is this?

I get down and walk to find out....

I am lost....

I run to catch the train, I board it

And now I forget my destination

I look at the next station and the next...

All station looks the same....Where do I get down? Am I lost?

Should I stop waiting for a station?

Should I just take a leap

Probably I know you will hold me

I know you arms are strong

You shine like a golden man and I burn!