Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hoping to burn again

In the swirls and turns of Sufis and Bauls

In the music of Fakirs and Ektara

Sometimes when I keep lying on my bed awake till late in the night

Sometimes when I forget to take the next bus and keep walking for long

And when I stand alone in my terrace and get drenched in a sudden shower

And when I sit in a crowded night lounge getting blinder by the disco lights

I see you, I see him.....

Much familiar, much stranger

I do not see your face but I often rest my head on his chest

I know he is real, I know you are my imagination

I have walked with you for miles but have hardly spoken to him

Your mystery haunts me at night, his smile makes me happy

I see your strong arms and I wish he holds me forever

There is a train waiting, I listen to the whistle

Where is this train going?

Is the train moving?

Which station is this?

I get down and walk to find out....

I am lost....

I run to catch the train, I board it

And now I forget my destination

I look at the next station and the next...

All station looks the same....Where do I get down? Am I lost?

Should I stop waiting for a station?

Should I just take a leap

Probably I know you will hold me

I know you arms are strong

You shine like a golden man and I burn!


  1. the uproarious inspiration can be felt well .. Please keep it up :) I am feeling quite nostalgic regarding the feelings the poem has transferred me ..

  2. the uproarious might be a wrong word.. I should replace it with profound .. :)

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