Saturday, August 10, 2013

Colours of life

I had a peculiar hobby when I was 5-6 years old. My dad had a collection of homeopathy medicines and, as most of us would know, those came in tiny cute looking glass bottles. As & when the medicine inside the bottles would get over, the bottles would get passed on to me. I collected them with utmost care. And used to buy sketch pen sets although I had never put them into proper use. (I was never good at drawing or craft). Those sketch pens had a different attraction for me. I used to take out the re-fills and dip them in water to create water of different colours. And then pour them into the empty homeopathy medicine bottles. I can almost recollect the glee I had by just viewing 20-30 different colour water inside those glass bottles especially when I used to keep them against the sunlight. It was probably God’s own way of showing me what life is…I would often change the shade of a coloured water by mixing it with some other coloured water… My parents had thought that someday I would grow up to be a scientist or something like that. I never consciously aspired for any specific profession. Life just kept bringing itself in different colours and I kept enjoying them. Even when I stood in an almost empty platform in Ludhiana on a winter morning waiting for my Shatabdi or when I was duped by a field executive to stay in a hotel room which didn’t have proper lock or curtain or when my feet started bleeding badly on a road of Moradabad and a dog started chasing me…And even when I chanced to enjoy a lazy walk on Kovalam beach or looking at the almost non-existent Saraju river or lying on an unnecessarily large bed of a 5-star room or having a humble meal with a completely unknown family in Varanasi. I am just thankful to life to have made me go through all these experiences. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been what I am today. Yes, I there had been certain periods in my life which I didn’t enjoy especially the ones which made me feel shacked and exploited. But still I feel hard times come with an assurance…the assurance that the colours will soon change and life will again show its brilliance. We just need to open up to the “unknown”…Because in the “unknown” lies a secret that can change life, that can change the “known”…Life is waiting there to show us all the colours of life, we just need to keep mixing the known and the unknown…

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