Wednesday, August 27, 2014


When I asked myself this question, what is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think “PROBLEM”, it was “SOLUTION”. Then when I started asking others I got many such similar responses – “have to overcome”, “possible solutions”, “ways to handle/manage”... So what is this thing about solution? Why do we immediately look for “solution”? Ofcourse we don’t want it to grow, as a stitch in time saves nine. But its also probably because “problem” immediately brings in a sense of loss of control on certain aspect/(s) of our lives and we all essentially want to live with the belief that “we are in control”. Ignorance is bliss...Really!

Then someone said, “A problem is a problem!” How true! Indeed. Then there were responses like “disturbing”, “unhappiness”, “discontent”, “uncomfortable”, “fear”, “anxiety”, “irritation” – all negative emotions that come with problem. And some had very interesting things to say about problem – “its a gift because you learn”, “its a way to expand your horizons”, “its a way to rediscover your own self”. All these are very positive ways of looking at problem. And I so agree. Although “problem” means a hell lot of negative emotions, its also a latent reservoir of enrichment and expansion. When in problem, at some point or the other, we might seek more light, energy, excitement and happiness. We tend to open up more, become less rigid and see how beautiful life is actually. And we definitely emerge out stronger.

But sometimes things are not that easy. Sometimes problem is such that there is perhaps no solution.  Atleast not an immediate one. One has to just live with it, deal with it every single day, face fear thats difficult to overcome and see darkness which is endless. Then susceptibility and vulnerability sets in. We tend to do things which we would have otherwise never thought of doing. Be it out of loneliness, insecurity or a sheer need for support, we seek ways to make ourselves happy or content or atleast add some excitement...something to take our minds off from the “problem”. This can help us forget the “problem” for some time or maybe lead us to a greater problem! Because sub-consciously we are, probably, trying to escape... Distraction helps but I doubt whether looking for a route to escape helps. It just leaves us fragmented as the search for the escape route never ends. Because one cannot escape one’s self! So does that mean we continue living in the “darkness”? Sometimes darkness has its own lure, immobility has its own comfort and one can just want to get lost in it...

My dad says the secret to light is “acceptance” and inculcating a “sense of harmony” within oneself. It will perhaps take me years to really understand the true meaning of this, let alone live it. But what I understand is this: Life continuously fragments us and slowly we give birth to a sense of restlessness and flux. Experiences enriches us, evolves us but only when we don’t lose the sense of harmony within us. So the much-sought-after sense of control is not to be sought outside, it is to be sought within. But yes “acceptance” and “sense of harmony” is the most difficult thing to achieve faced with a problem.

Out of all the positive responses, only one was about acceptance. And strangely nobody talked about COURAGE and PATIENCE. We exist in a time, when impatience is a virtue and courage is “machoism”!  So yes the true essence of these values is fast getting depleted. And with increasing chaos of enjoyment and fun, we keep forgetting our “inner harmony”.

Problem is as natural as life and so is harmony. So the only way to deal with problem is perhaps to live with courage and patience and to keep striving to attain that “inner harmony”, to walk that path of light.




  1. Problems are always there to remind us that we have been constantly ignoring something very much essential to us.. Writing is something like that for you. You should write more to understand your journey in a better way. Loved it :)

  2. And I loved your comment... yes I will try not to ignore things that I will eventually discover as important in my journey